Leverage the network and collaborate on projects !

Leverage the network and collaborate on projects !

We often talk about “the JE network”, but what does it mean ? What advantages does it bring, and how tangible is this idea ? How are our colleagues working in different JEs, or even abroad ?

JuniorConnect gives you the opportunity to easily contact JEs from all around the country, and even the world, to collaborate with them. You have an overview of the precise fields that a JE is working on: IT, Digital, Business, Law, Marketing, Finance, Design, Translation services, and even more.

Do you need a JE to outsource that iOS application that your client asked for ? Find the perfect colleagues in the network. Or simply look for opportunities near you, because other JEs might need your help !

Did you ever have to refuse a project because you didn’t have the required resources internally or on the campus ? How many times did you tell a client that you couldn’t do this or this because you were lacking the right project leader at the right time for a given deadline ?

This is over now. Work together on projects, find more clients and grow. Together.

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