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Why digitize your JE?

Three advantages of digitalization applied to Junior Enterprises.


Save time at different levels of your JE management to focus on the tasks that matter.


Access new possibilities within the JE and the entire movement to expand its activities.


Transmit information qualitatively from one committee to another to ensure growth.

Our exigency

We have created an intuitive and ergonomic platform where each member, alumni and student interact together.

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Our features

Our offer to Junior Enterprises.

Project management

Easily manage your projects through all the key steps and keep track of important information.


Save time by generating word/excel/powerpoint template documents from your projects, clients or accounting.

Analysis of your activities

Analyze your business in every detail. Set specific goals and increase your productivity.

Client management

This feature allows you to prospect and take care of all your business and administrative relationships.

Tasks Management

JuniorConnect let you assign task for you and your team to no longer forget your deadlines.


With the Wiki, you can manage your organization knowledge, transmit it and improve it year after year.

Student account

Import or create your student database. Find the ideal profiles in your campus and communicate your new jobs.


Gather compensation claims and expenses of the organization. Generate clear accounting.

Alumni network

Members become automatically alumni when leaving the organization. Develop and operate your alumni network.


Plan events and get the details of all registered students.


Are you missing a skill for a project? Collaborate easily with another Junior Enterprise.


Integrations allow the linking of different tools. Iframes & various APIs.

Our versions

We offer three versions for different needs.


Research and contacts in the JE network

Collaboration in projects, external consultant

Access to the contents of confederations

Internal alumni network management

Registration and detailed database of campus students

Communication (jobs, events, articles)

Managing job applicants

Internal wiki

Task Management

Customer Management (CRM)

Advanced project management and analysis


Which version do you want?

What is your turnover?

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This price includes a guarantee of availability of the platform, a maintenance, support in case of need of explanations and regular improvements chosen according to your feedback.

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Bring another JE or other student organization on your campus and get free months.

1. Trial period

Try JuniorConnect for 15 days and exchange with us to identify the contribution of the tool for your Junior Enterprise.

2. Data transfer

We accompany you in the transfer of your data to ensure the continuity of your information and an on-boarding without friction.

3. Assistance

Throughout your use we are available 24h / 7d to answer your questions, and improve the application.

Our differentiation

Which makes us unique compared to other systems.

Complete Management

Our tool includes multiple features that decrease the number of platforms used by the organization and connect the information. We only recommend Drive for archiving heavy contents, and Slack for internal communication!

Student account

All students on your campus can have an account and follow the your organization activities. Let them register, fill in their skills / files. Share your articles, wiki and contact them for a recruitement or event.

JE Network

JuniorConnect includes the architecture of the movement in order to unify the network. A JE can easily ask for help for a skill and then include a consultant from another JE for the realization of a study.


Behind the scene

By Junior Entrepreneurs for Junior Entrepreneur: a dynamic team listening to your feedbacks to work and implement your new ideas.


Simon Favre

Co-founder and developer
Experienced in JE EPFL & JADE Switzerland

The story

« French student in Switzerland, everything started in 2016 when I was elected President of the EPFL Junior Enterprise. After trying several tools not sufficiently adapted to the JE needs, I started to develop and improve JuniorConnect thanks to the daily feedback of the members.
From 2017, the platform has been used by the JE Swiss network. Since 2018, the platform has been open to all Junior Enterprises in Europe and has become the official platform of the JADE and GlobalCouncil movement. »

JuniorConnect has enabled the creation of the Elegon Sarl structure, which ensures professionalism and long-term support.


Richard Kanda Bile

Experienced in JE EPFL & JADE Switzerland


Edgar Gois Marta

Countries manager
Experienced in JEF & JADE Switzerland


Soline Garcia

Experienced in JE Geneva & JADE Switzerland


Gauthier Muguerza

Countries manager
Experienced in LSM Conseil & JADE Belgium

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