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Three versions to meet your needs

Increase your productivity with the full version

Project management

Easily manage your projects through all the key steps and keep track of important information.

Tasks Management

JuniorConnect let you assign task for you and your team to no longer forget your deadlines.

Client management

This feature allows you to prospect and take care of all your business and administrative relationships.

Work with students

Import or create your student database. Find the ideal profiles in your campus and communicate your new jobs.


Save time by generating word template documents from your projects, clients or accounting.

Analysis of your activities

Analyze your business in every detail. Set specific goals and increase your productivity.


With the Wiki, you can manage your associative knowledge, transmit it and improve it year after year.


Gather compensation claims and expenses of the association. Generate clear accounting.

Alumni network

Members become automatically alumni when leaving the association. Develop and operate your network.


Plan events and get the details of all registered students.


Are you missing a skill for a project? Collaborate easily with another Junior Enterprise.

Manage your students with simplicity

This tool has been designed to facilitate communication and follow-up with campus students.



Each student indicates their skills and interests on their profile. They receive a notification when a job suits them. Make accurate searches in your database and find the most advanced students.


Project allocation is fast and efficient. Create a Job to find a student. While the Job is available, students can apply and for those whose profile matches, they automatically receive a notification by email.

The largest network associations in the world.

A platform that brings together associations from each city

Today Juniors Entreprises are no longer the only ones to employ students to meet a growing demand in the market. Together, the network is more powerful and everyone can continue the activity of Junior Enterprise in his university.


Join the network

Join the network and enjoy the benefits of your confederation.

Exchanging experiences

Give an extra dimension to your experience by discovering others JEs.

Get inspired by the best

Learn from the best for faster development.

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