Improve visibility and productivity
of your activities in your campus!

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Develop your own community

Let students follow your association and be notified about your activities through a weekly newsletter.


Plan events and get the details of all registered students.


Write inspirational articles about your achievements.

Team management

A clean overview of your team and their position is the starting point of building cohesive team.

Each member has his own profile and can edit all their information.


Tasks Management

Tracking the progress of each member and department is often complicated.

JuniorConnect let you assign task for you and your team
to no longer forget your deadlines.

Knowledge Handover

A poor knowledge transfer to next team can slow down and endanger your association.

The wiki allows you to centralize your best practices and improve them year after year.


Address book

Who are the important contacts in your address book?

This feature allows you to take care of all your business and administrative relationships.


Gather compensation claims and expenses of the association. Generate clear accounting.

Alumni network

Members become automatically alumni when leaving the association. Develop and operate your network.

University network

Access the associative network of your campus. Collaborate with other associations.

We made custom versions for certain types of associations

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